Peasants Revolt! Peasants! It is the time to Revolt! Our army is away, it is time to play! Inviting shires from near and far for a day of fighting and revelry! The best part? We will even feed you! We are having a pot-luck dinner; the Barony provides the meat (and there is a rumor going… Continue reading Peasants Revolt!

No meetings in June!

Due to Lillies War, there will be no meetings for Aston Tor in the month of June. There will also be no Tor fighter practice this week due to the proximity of Lillies War.  We will have an update on the remaining fighter practices for June later.‍

Unslung Update

Greetings!  The Unslung Heroes schedule has been updated to show the Boga Fyrd meeting starting at 3pm, and the Boga Hus meeting at 3:30.  The archery line will have coverage during this time!  See you there!