Peasants Revolt!

Peasants! It is the time to Revolt!
Our army is away, it is time to play! Inviting shires from near and far for a day of fighting and revelry!

The best part? We will even feed you! We are having a pot-luck dinner; the Barony provides the meat (and there is a rumor going around that it may even include a pig roasted on a spit among other tasty items!) Bring a dish to share!

ACTUALLY, do you know what’s EVEN BETTER than food? THE EVENT IS FREE. Donations are happily accepted! What could a day such as this, a day ripe for revolt, be worth to you? You tell us! (Not actually. You’ll just put it in a jar, we won’t tell.)

Heavy fighting, cut and thrust, AND archery; the archery however must be on the park’s range with an additional $5 fee through their visitor’s center. No crossbows unfortunately.

What about the children you ask? Well of *course* they deserve the chance to revolt as well! Our shelter house comes with a wonderful playground about 100 yards to the side of the shelter house! We may also actually have some children’s activities as well, TBA.

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