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The Society for Creative Anachronism was started in 1966 in Berkley California, as a gathering of history majors having a sort of May celebration in middle age style. From these humble beginnings, the Society has grown into a international organization with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide.

The Canton of Aston Tor is part of the Society of Creative Anachronism. Our group covers eastern Jackson county, including but not limited to Independence, Raytown, Lees Summit, and Blue Springs, MO. Our group is part of the Barony of Forgotten Sea, and within the Kingdom of Calontir.

We meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at Walnut Gardens Community of Christ, 19201 E RD Mize Road, Independence, MO, 7:00-9:00 pm.

The Society is first and foremost an educational organization that researches and recreates many aspects of middle age and renaissance history. The time period we study is from 600-1600 AD.  This gives us a glorious historical palate from which to paint. Learn more about our society at www.sca.org, then come join us for a meeting!  Paid membership is optional, but required to hold office.  There’s NO up-front cost to participate.

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