10/11/18 Notes from the Aston Tor Meeting

Upcoming Events:

  • October 20th-21st

Vertigo: Lost Moor (St. Joseph, MO); His Majesty will be in attendance.

The Silk Trade Road from Grimfells: Grimfells (Pineville, AR); Her Majesty will be in attendance.

  • October 27th-28th

Harvest Home: Standing Stones (Columbia , MO)

Fall War College: Moonstone (Burlington, KS)


Kris Kinder is coming up. Tor has volunteered to do cleanup again. We are still in need of people to sit Gate. We are looking into getting site pre-registration.


Some ideas for demos are participating in the Union Station Maker Faire (which Her Excellency seems to recall being quite successful in the past, but sometimes conflicts with Kingdom events), and Christmas caroling at the Independence Center (or some other shopping mall). She is interested in any ideas the populace may have as well, so if you have any please reach out to her.


Will be working with the Webministers to get Officer Information Release and Model Release forms uploaded soon.


The Tor account has roughly $5000 in it, so we are doing pretty good there. The report will be finished soon, and copied to the Baroness and the Seneschal. The current signatories on the account are Lady Diana, HL Aine, HL Kendall, and Lady Aelin.

HL Lasair has purchased the canvas for the Tor Port. We need to start brainstorming our design ideas so that we can firm up plans and portion out what we need in the budget soon.

Webminister (Deputy): I will be trying to take notes at all meetings and get them put up online so that those who were not able to attend will not be out of the loop. If there is anything specific anyone would like to see, please let me know!


Lord Shane is working on building wooden boxes to contain libations for Tor Tuesday, as plastic containers are not just unseemly but also too fragile to adequately bear the weight of their contents. He is always collecting more items with which to fill the boxes as well.

In general, the Canton could use a few items for the Gold Key, if anyone has extra lying around. Specifically we have plenty of small clothes, but not much large. Anything for large men or women would be helpful, as well as belts and laces. Lady Aelin has offered to help by making some lucet cord.