10/25/18 Notes from the Aston Tor Meeting

Upcoming Events:

  • October 27th-28th

If anyone attended court at Harvest Home in Standing Stones this past weekend Dorcas would very much like notes from it.

  • November 3rd-4th

Fall RUSH: Book Arts: Lonely Tower (Omaha, NE); there will be a combined meeting of Silver Hammer, Golden Calon Lily, and Order of the Laurel.

  • November 17th-18th

Toys for Tots: Wyvern Cliffe (Jefferson City, MO); there will be Order of the Iren-Fyrd and Order of the Iren-Hirth meetings.

  • December 8th-9th

Kris Kinder: Forgotten Sea (Kansas City, MO); there will be Order of the Calon Cross and Order of the Pelican meetings. Also, we will have a meeting around 4ish to plan for cleanup.


Because of the holidays we will only have the first Aston Tor meetings (on the second Thursday of each month).


BFS put in and won the bid for next year’s Fall Crown Tournament. It will be at the Lily’s site during the four-day weekend from October 11th-14th. HE Duncan Bruce of Logan will be the autocrat. We will be utilizing the Grand Pavilion for this event. This will also test to see if Lily’s would work as a fall event instead.


The Baron called for a vote on the design of the Tor Port and the “BC”/Bedouin style (pic) won. At the next meeting we will vote on measurements (i.e. what size to make it).


Report has been sent, but has not yet been received by Lady Aelin. There have been many email issues lately; hopefully they will be sorted soon.

Minister of Arts and Sciences:

HL Lasair has the canvas for the new Tor Port in her studio. Hopefully we can get some work done on this project before December 1st  when she has the water turned off (there is no heat to the building); it will be turned back on April 1st.

If anybody is interested in doing any Arts and Sciences at events, please let her know.


Sechen has contacted the Nelson Atkins Museum about possibly doing a walk-through demo in garb with crafts and more; she is awaiting a response. She has also contacted the Renaissance Festival people about renting out their site, which she has been told can be done. She has asked further about capacity for guests, how much it would cost, etc. and is waiting to hear back.


Zygmunt brought the Officer Information Release forms and received most everyone’s signature. He is requesting Officer Contact Information Releases from all Officers, and would like Model Releases from the Populace. If you were not in attendance you may find electronic copies here:



Here are other forms you may fill out if you wish:




The Tor account currently has a balance of $5018.31. We continue to get better at compliance, for example by turning in Monthly Account and Reconciliation Registers. At the November meeting we will begin putting together a financial policy which is a local addendum to have as a formality; it will cover such things as how we handle money on multiple day events, who may cast votes (members only, or open to all), etc.

Fighter Marshall:

Fighter practice during off-weeks is officially on hold for the season. Lord Janos remains ready to practice during meetings should anyone be interested. The Barony Archery practice at Master Leif’s has been moved indoors for the season.


Lord Shane was able to bring one of his wooden boxes to show (pic). As always, he is collecting more items with which to fill the boxes.