Update Fever!

Unslung Heroes:

  • Alienor still needs Gate volunteers! Saturday, April 7. Looking for volunteers (3) from 9-11am, (3) 11am-1pm and (2) 1-2ish pm. Please contact Alienor Walcott (Stephanie George) via email (smageorge13@hotmail.com) or Facebook.
  • Setup will start @5:30pm on Friday the 6th. The more people that can help, the faster we can get it done!
  • Please submit awards reccommendations so we have people to show off at unslung! Both Baronial and Kingdom recs are great! Check the online OP on the Calontir/BFS websites if needed!

There will be NO meetings in June. Get your TOR time in at Lillies!

Deadline to list your class (or anything else) in the Lillies guidebook is April 15th!

That’s it! I’ve used up all my exclamation points