Baronial Championship Tournaments

Greetings Unto the populace of Forgotten Sea,
Somehow, another year has flown by and it’s that time again – Time to determine who our Baronial Champions will be for the next year!
We will be holding both Armored Combat and Cut & Thrust tourneys at BFS Fighter Practice on Wednesday, October 11th. (That’s in two weeks.)
We will be holding the Baronial Archery championship on Sunday, October 15th at 1:00pm at the home of Master Leif in Kearney, Missouri.
If you enjoy fighting or shooting archery, we invite you to come participate! If you can’t participate, please come out and cheer for your friends! This is something that we look forward to every year and we hope to see great turnouts for the competitions!
Yours In Service,
Søren and Rowan
Baron & Baroness
   Forgotten Sea

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