Aston Tor will soon be moving outside

Aston Tor will soon be moving outside for our Fighter practices, which
will occur on the first and third (and sometimes fifth) Thursdays of each
month. We can also have practice at our current meeting site on the
second and fourth Thursdays of each month, outdoors, or indoors in the
case of inclement weather.

We can do both Cut-and-Thrust and Armored Combat (I am warranted as a
marshal in both). The next meeting will be this coming Thursday, March
23rd, starting at 7 PM. After that, we can have our first outdoor
practice on March 30th at the park behind the Bass Pro Shop in
Independence (directions below). Practices start at approximately 6:30
(show up as early as 6 PM to get armored up).

This is a smaller practice than the Baronial practice, and traditionally
it has been a great venue for teaching or drills and more intensive work
on various aspects of combat than is really feasible at the larger
practices. I would love to get more of that going on, and so I am seeking
those who would be willing to come by and teach, whether one-on-one or
small-group activities. Kagetora may be available to work through various
techniques for cut and thrust, though if there is interest by anyone in
working on drills or teaching techniques that would be awesome as well.

If you have loaner gear as well, please bring that!

Ultimately, the goal of this practice is to provide a more informal
setting for learning — and I welcome new Fighters to come out. I will
teach what I know. We can work in armor or out of armor, or in partial
armor. This year, my goal is to really get it going, now that we have a
better practice site for meetings!

Please get in contact with me at if you wish to teach
something or are willing to host a class or provide instruction!

Janos Katona

Meeting Site (2nd and 4th Thursday of each month):

Walnut Gardens Community of Christ, 19201 E RD Mize Road, Independence, MO

Easiest way to get here: take Highway 291 north from I-70. Turn right
(east) at Hidden Valley Road. Take this until you see the church on the
right (south) side of the street.

Practice Site (1st, 3rd, and sometimes 5th Thursday):

Waterfall Park, Indepedence, MO (behind the Bass Pro Shop)

Take I-70 to Lee’s Summit Road, then turn south. Take this until you
reach Bass Pro Drive (1st stop light) and turn left (east). Follow this
around until you reach a traffic circle; at the circle, continue on
straight (east) and it literally takes you directly into the parking lot
for the park.

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