2017 Schedule

(to be updated regularly this week)

Court at 5pm (or at their Majesties’ preference) to include the elevation of Miranda de Logan (Miranda Lewis-Neff) into the order of the Pelican.

Intended C&T schedule (assuming the weather cooperates):
9-10am: inspections, authorizations, and warm-ups
10-whenever we get tired (noon at latest): melees.
1pm: novice tourney (novice being no C&T awards), round robin, open weapon system.
3pm: treeless double-elimination, open weapon system

Armored Combat:

Proposed Schedule!

9:00-10:00 Inspections and Authorizations
10:00-11:00 Never Won A Tourney Tourney
Open weapon system, open to those who have never won a tournament before. Round robin or double elimination depending on number of participants.
11:00-1:00 Dead Man’s Tournament
A simple sack represents the corpse of a fallen enemy noble, and each combatant is fighting for their chance at the loot! If your foot leaves the corpse, you lose your claim!
1:00-2:30 Three Man Team Tourney
Depending on number of participants, a group of the highest ranking Fighters will be selected as team Captains. Other warriors line up in order of rank and precedence. Each Captain will pick two Fighters, one from each end of the line. The teams will face one another, round robin, in a scenario to be determined.
2:30-4:00 Capture the Sheep Rumble!
Similar to other games, this one features a large, awkward’ sheep’ that is the target of the tourney! This is a team battle with more specific rules to be announced at the time of the event!

Woods shoot – timing to end the shoot as lunch begins.

Baronial A&S Competition: